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Not all materials used in Knifemaking come from the United States. Companies in many other countries offer cutting edge specialty steels. Many beautiful woods do not grow in the states.

Regardless of origin, I strive to make sure nothing but the very finest materials go into my knives. Time and money are too valuable to waste on cheap materials.

Every bit of material used in my knives comes from trusted suppliers with excellent industry reputations. You can always trust that you're getting what you paid for, with Hall Handmade.

All Hall Handmade knives are 100% Made in the USA, using USA made materials, whenever possible. 

I strongly support American manufacturing, although I am a small fry, I like to think that every order I place for materials takes us one step closer to where we should be.

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With a background in precision machining and Aerospace R&D, tight quality control is important to me, and comes naturally. Every piece that leaves my shop is held to the same high standards.

Each blade is heat treated using a precision digitally controlled oven, with industry standard techniques. Each and every blade is individually hardness tested before it leaves my shop.

I do my best to control every possible aspect of production, to ensure that the customers can trust my blades to perform, every time, no matter what.