Fine handcrafted KNIVES

made to last a lifetime

Two decades of experience in hand craftsmanship, an eye for beauty, and a passion to give my very best. That is what I strive to provide for each and every customer, big or small.

With a lifelong love of the outdoors, and a chosen career in hand craftsmanship, I've always held appreciation for well made knives of the highest quality- utlity as art.





I grew up in and currently live in the High Desert area, in southern California. I am very lucky to share my home and my life with my beautiful and intelligent fianc√©, Robin. She is my inspiration in everything I do, including my work in knives and related tools.

I spent much of my youth hiking and camping, and engaging in other outdoor activities, and I've loved and used knives for as long as I can remember. I started working in the shop at a very young age, and it has always been a place where I've found peace. I find that creating things with your hands is a very personal, and very fulfilling pursuit.

To that end, I've found knifemaking to be a nearly perfect combination of my skills, and interests. Every knife I make is a small piece of me, happily given. My hope is that this shows in every piece that leaves my shop. Through my knifemaking, I hope to show my love for craftsmanship and art, while providing well made, sturdy tools for my customers.